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  • About wellness and the measures we are taking…

    At STAR + SPLENDOR, we’ve been carefully and regularly monitoring the development of the COVID-19 illness in our area and in the world at large by keeping an eye on the CDC website and guidelines for best practices. The practitioners working in the space and I would like to assure you, our friends and clients, that we are taking extra measures to keep the space clean and healthy. We will continue offering the regular services and classes, so long as we are in good health, so that our community can continue to take the best care of themselves, reduce stress, and feel vital and strong. Here’s what we are doing to assist with that: – We…

  • Keeping a spiritual or magical journal

    The magical or spiritual journal is a bit different from a diary. It's focus is on matters spiritual vs. material, and it serves as a record of practice, a database of results and observations. In the Western esoteric tradition, we talk about "the aim of religion and the method of science." This type of journal creates a sort of data set, making a more scientific approach possible. This record of the spiritual journey enables to rely on more than our elusive memories and abstract sensibilities to see our progress, and what has and has not worked for us.

  • Saturn influences & shadow work

    Been feeling a little restricted and heavy? It might be a good time to check out what is going on with Saturn in your chart. I spoke with sound healer and evolutionary astrologer Elise Manzo and discovered that Saturn is making a big transit in mine. During her Soul Path readings, Elise looks into the patterns in your chart and offers insight and remediation, as well as guidance for your path and purpose. If you are interested in scheduling a reading with her, get in touch! In this video blog I talk about the value of shadow work, why we do it, and why it’s sometimes good to lean into…

  • How to burn resin incense

    There is nothing more romantic and mood evoking than burning natural resin incense in your space. It lifts the mood and sets the scene for your practice. It produces long lasting scent and it's non-toxic. There are a number of different ways to burn traditional resin and herbal incense, but here I give you my method, and explain the use of the black sand we carry in the shop. It's pretty (you made have seen it in some of the crystal displays) but it's also very functional.

  • Video Blog: There are many paths up the mountain

    This week I recorded a video blog about the opportunity we are missing when we criticize or poke fun at the religious or spiritual practices of others. This is something that's touched me personally, and it's also something I've caught myself doing! So what are we really saying about ourselves when we do this, and how can we use our questions and difference to our advantage?

  • Root To Sky Sigil

    At our recent workshop with author and witch Laura Tempest Zakroff, we explored the creation and use of sigils, following the release of her Gold 2019 COVR award winning book Sigil Witchery. In this shared magical work, we explored the use of sigils for personal practice and social change, and expanded the community of witches and magically operant folks here in the Albany area! A powerful group of men and women attended and contributed to the Root To Sky Sigil for long term change, which includes the following intentions:

  • Coming out as a metaphysical shop owner (video blog)

    I've been a little bit more in the public eye lately, as a business owner. When I meet new people they often don't put two and two together about my business, which is a wellness and magical lifestyle shop and healing arts space. It's often after checking out the website that they come back to me and say, "Are you really into that stuff?" And then I have to answer them...

  • Unboxing video featuring Laura Tempest Zakroff’s books

    On Tuesday, September 24th we’re hosting author, witch, dancer and artist Laura Tempest Zakroff for an evening of magic and community! Laura is stopping at Star + Splendor to teach her workshop “Sigil Witchery.” We’ll be learning about the history of symbols in magic and constructing our own sigils to use as part of our spiritual practice and personal empowerment. This is such a rare opportunity, and I hope you’ll join us. There are just a few tickets left! The schedule for day will be like this: 5:30pm Shop opens for browsing 6:00pm Author art sale and book signing (free & open to the public) 7:00pm Sigil Witchery workshop (advanced…