Let’s support one another through the NEW Patreon!

I’ve been hearing from many of you that you would love a way to connect while the shop is closed. I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer, but there’s really no way to know, and I miss you! So I’ve created a space where I will be putting helpful content and where we can share conversations about the topics you love and associate with STAR + SPLENDOR.

Patreon is a website that allows businesses and creative individuals to place content in an organized space privately accessed through tiers of membership. Your patronage supports STAR + SPLENDOR very directly, by helping to offset expenses while we are unable to operate, by showing that you care about and value what the space offers, and by keeping the Light on metaphorically, and literally! In exchange, I am committed to regularly providing content and ideas that you can use on all topics related to mysticism, wellness, Tarot, meditation, crystals and more. I will always strive to bring what I offer to a practical, clear understanding so it can be applied meaningfully. It’s my goal to make it accessible, and not to overly mystify the mystical. You can count on me for that.

We need our spiritual lives now more than ever. It’s always been my belief that our inner life and energetic vibration are an essential part of our overall wellness. What we are experiencing right now through the lens of the pandemic is life-changing. I don’t know about you, but I am questioning EVERYTHING. I’ve been able to find some grace and consistency through my personal spiritual practice. It’s been the most supportive piece for me during this time of great change and inertia. It’s your birthright to discover and develop the personal cosmology and spiritual practice that works for you. The content I will be offering will be in support of this, and it won’t ever interfere with your individuality or tell you what to believe. The content will be there to support and give you techniques for your own experimentation and discovery!

Watch the Patreon Intro video to learn more!

I’ll be beginning with biweekly meditations on the Tarot trumps. Each of the 22 Tarot trumps (or “Atu”) is a key to universal doctrine, and the meditations will explore these ideas in applicable ways. This “Year of Tarot” offered at the second tier of patronage and above. In addition, there will be Q&As with your submitted questions and topics, interviews with spiritual and wellness practitioners, and quarterly in-depth classes. In the upper tiers, you’ll get to shape the content that we dive into together. In the top tier, you’ll receive two 45 minute tarot readings or private spiritual coaching sessions with me per year as part of your patronage. I am working to create as much value as possible in each tier while keeping them affordable and friendly. I welcome ANY feedback you can give, as this is a new thing for me!

You know that you can always count on me to tell the truth, and to be direct, and right now STAR + SPLENDOR needs your help! When we return, it will be like starting over again, and I want to be able to come in strong. Your Patreon support will help me accomplish that. I am determined not to be one of the small businesses that doesn’t return to your neighborhood and community. I’m here to help build up the community, not disappear! Let’s support one another!

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FYI: The FIRST meditation video is up and live on the Patreon site, and you can immediately access it and begin using it as a new member.