About wellness and the measures we are taking…

At STAR + SPLENDOR, we’ve been carefully and regularly monitoring the development of the COVID-19 illness in our area and in the world at large by keeping an eye on the CDC website and guidelines for best practices. The practitioners working in the space and I would like to assure you, our friends and clients, that we are taking extra measures to keep the space clean and healthy. We will continue offering the regular services and classes, so long as we are in good health, so that our community can continue to take the best care of themselves, reduce stress, and feel vital and strong.

Here’s what we are doing to assist with that:

– We are asking all customers and clients to remain at home if they are feeling under the weather or suspect they are coming down with an illness. Please reach out to your practitioner to reschedule your session if you are not feeling your best, or call the shop at 518 892 2289.

– Our space is being cleaned with bleach and disinfectant twice daily, including kitchen and bath areas, all door knobs, light switches and the check out station. 

– We are practicing excellent hand washing and being mindful of physical space as reasonably applicable. 

It’s been my experience that many people think of STAR + SPLENDOR as a sanctuary, and I certainly have created it with that intention! If you are feeling worried or anxious or just need to BREATHE, feel free to stop by and spend some time in the meditation space at our altar. You can leave an offering for the Goddess there, if you wish. (Others already have!) I have placed a basket, some paper and pens there to receive our intentions for good health, healing for others and prayers. The space is open whenever there is not a class going on. 

Yoga on Monday PM, Wednesday AM and Thursday PM continue, as do our biweekly sound baths, Barre Flow on Tuesdays, and practitioner days, so feel free to check out the events page for ways to feel connected and vital. We will keep you updated if anything at all changes. Our Facebook and Instagram feeds are also a really great way to stay informed.

We are also open to your feedback and concerns, so feel free to reach out if you have a request or a thought.