At STAR + SPLENDOR, we proudly offer a variety of healing services with certified practitioners in our comfortable, private suites. Our practitioners are highly skilled and accredited, and most importantly, they are wise and kind people.

We offer our services by appointment. Please contact us by calling 518-892-2289 or emailing to schedule your wellness service. A deposit may be required to book your session. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all services. If you are ill, we kindly ask you to contact us to reschedule.

If you are a wellness practitioner interested in renting a shared healing arts suite at STAR + SPLENDOR you can find more information here.

Tarot Readings & Coaching

Ami Lahoff, Owner of STAR + SPLENDOR

Ami at her happy place, the ocean.

Ami offers private Tarot consultations for those seeking affirmation, new perspectives, insight and clarity. Read more about the Tarot here.

She also offers her services as a certified professional coach, accredited by ICF. Identify your personal and spiritual goals and be empowered to make changes leading to a more joyful, resonant life. Ami will provide support, accountability and guidance as you co-create your experience. This is an excellent option for those feeling stuck, at the edge of a transition, and seeking alignment with their higher purpose.

Tarot & intuitive reading – 30 minutes – $60

Tarot & intuitive reading – one hour – $100

Coaching sessions – connect for a free introductory call.

Call 518-892-2289 or email to schedule

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Jessica Kolner

Since she was a child, Jessica has been in tune with her psychic/intuitive abilities. She now uses these skills to connect with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed to relay messages. Jessica’s readings are filled with love, laughter and gentle guidance from a higher power.

psychic mediumship session – 30 minutes – $60

psychic mediumship session – 60 minutes – $120

Additional time booked at $2/minute

Call 518-892-2289 or email Jess to schedule


Reflexologist & Healing Arts Practitioner Cynthia Griffin

Foot session – 75 minutes – $75

Hands session – 40 minutes – $45 ($40 with foot session, 90 min)

Ears session – 40 minutes – $45 ($40 with foot session, 90 min)

Divine services full session – 75 minutes – $100 (includes chakra balancing methods, chanting, and more, based on individual needs discussed during consultation.)

Cindy offers rate packages. Please enquire.

Call 518-892-2289 or email to schedule

Soul Energy Healing

Lee Perry, Healing Arts Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher

Lee is a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition. Combining Reiki, intuition, and empathy he focuses on removing what isn’t needed and replacing it with positive energy.

Complimentary consultation by phone appointment available.

Energy Healing – 30 minutes – $50

Energy Healing session – 60 minutes – $90

Call 518-961-5405 or email Lee to schedule

Sound Healing & Soul Path Reading

Elise Manzo, Certified Sound Healer

Elise doing a private sound healing session in one of our suites.

Elise Manzo is a certified sound healer from the International Academy of Sound Healing, a certified reiki master teacher, and spiritual life coach. She offers the following services:

Private sound healings offer targeted relief that is tailored to your unique needs. This service can be beneficial for all types of ailments, including axiety, depression, immune deficiency, chronic pain and more.

A Soul Path reading uses your birth date, time and place and the method of evolutionary astrology to interpret your chart and speak to your soul’s purpose. Part intuitive reading, part chart reading, this service offers a new layer of perspective even to those who have had their chart read previously.

Private sound healing – 60 minutes – $90

Soul Path Reading – 60 minutes – $90

Call 518-892-2289 or email Elise to schedule

Massage Therapy

Jason Burleigh, LMT

Jason working with one of his clients.

Jason received his training at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy.  He uses a myriad of modalities to assess and relax the body including Swedish massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger point, Neuro Muscular Therapy(NMT), and sprinkles in some Sports Massage and Shiatsu.  He patiently works with his clients to assess and determine the best approach to meeting their needs in our safe and comforting suites.

Deep Tissue Massage60 minutes – $80 / 90 minutes – $120

Myofascial Release60 minutes – $80 / 90 minutes – $120

Sports Massage60 minutes – $80 / 90 minutes – $120

Call 518-892-2289 or email to schedule