How to burn resin incense

There is nothing more romantic and mood evoking than burning natural resin incense in your space. It lifts the mood and sets the scene for your practice. It produces long lasting scent and it’s non-toxic. There are a number of different ways to burn traditional resin and herbal incense, but here I give you my method, and explain the use of the black sand we carry in the shop. It’s pretty (you made have seen it in some of the crystal displays) and it’s also very functional.

Benefits of using black sand in your burner:

  • It protects your burner from charring and keeps it clean.
  • It protects furniture by preventing your burner from getting too hot.
  • It is reusable, many times over.
  • It creates a safe place to rest burning sage wands, palo santo, matches and candles.
  • It’s attractive.

Check out the video for more on how to use it and start burning natural resin incense at home. We carry a number of different options, including frankincense and myrrh, white copal, dragon’s blood, sandalwood, palo santo and sage. You can purchase your own jar of sand in a cute, reusable apothecary jar too!