Coming out as a metaphysical shop owner (video blog)

I’ve been a little bit more in the public eye lately, as a business owner. When I meet new people they often don’t put two and two together about my business, which is a wellness and magical lifestyle shop and healing arts space. It’s often after checking out the website that they come back to me and say, “Are you really into that stuff?” And then I have to answer them…

Watch the video to learn more about how I respond now (or awkwardly respond, and then walk away and rewrite the conversation over and over again in my head.)


  • Mari Brick

    Thank you, Ami. I completely agree with your statement and share many of the same/similar beliefs and have for many years. It is heartening that there are more and more people talking about it. You and I had a nice conversation at the Renaissance Festival at Indian Ladder this past summer; however, I have yet to stop by the shop but have made it a priority to do it. Especially since I live close by in Voorheesville. See you soon 🙂

    • Ami

      Hi Mari! Thanks for the feedback. I am really enjoying these videos and hope to do one every week or so. I agree, it’s good to have the conversation! I fully realize I have more baggage around this than the younger generation, and I am so thrilled to see the freedom and authenticity that I am witnessing now. Please do stop by and say hello to me at the shop!