About Us

STAR + SPLENDOR was created to enliven every day with a sense of magic, beauty and inspiration.

We offer a curated selection of locally made and sustainably sourced goods that support health, wellbeing and a sense of wonder. We are interested by how inner and outer beauty can reflect true health and healing. Life is, well, busy – so self-care should be simple and truly attainable. We offer small batch, organic, and natural products for the face and body, holistic apothecary items and aromatherapy, to help you shine brightly.

It has been our aim to source the best goods made by talented artisans who care deeply about their products and create them with intention. They are experts in their chosen art. Items for the natural home, fascinating and delightful gifts, jewelry for seekers, handmade beeswax intention candles, prints and cards… we have an ever-changing selection. We also offer independently published tarot decks, handcrafted metaphysical items made by practitioners, and an array of crystals. When you make a purchase in our shop, you are directly supporting the creative dream of an artisan. Their creative joy further resonates in your life.

In Spring of 2019, STAR + SPLENDOR expanded to add a meditation/meeting space and several healing arts co-working suites. We have some talented, skilled practitioners working with us now, offering their healing services to the community. Check out the services here.

At STAR + SPLENDOR, our ethics are at the core of all we do. Read our Statement of Ethics here.

You can find us online, and in our little shop in Voorheesville, NY, just outside of Albany.

At STAR + SPLENDOR, we bring you magic, every day.

About the owner:

Ami Lahoff lives on Skipping Goat Farm, a small family farm in the Albany County hill towns. There she cares for a herd of dairy goats and uses their fresh milk to formulate her popular all natural soaps, as well as a line of skincare and natural perfumes. She travels to handmade markets and farmer’s markets throughout the year to sell them and meet new friends. She is also an event planner, specializing in throwing classy and fun corporate off-sites, conferences and trainings, as well as family milestone celebrations (with lots of dancing!) After working for Etsy, Inc. for seven years and wearing all of these hats, she felt called to distill her talents, and STAR + SPLENDOR was born!

As a student of the hermetic arts for over 25 years, Ami has a deep background in the Western Esoteric Tradition. Her study and practice includes, yoga and the Tantric tradition, Kabbalah, alchemy, Tarot and ceremonial magick. She is well-versed in many traditions, however, and holds the belief that ones spiritual practice can be an important part of their self care. She enjoys finding common ground with others and cheering them on along their own individual paths to truth and beauty. She’s got some cool Earth dynamics in her chart, so she is also pretty pragmatic and grounded, which comes in handy.

In September of 2019, Ami received certification as a professional life coach through ICF. She now offers Tarot readings to the public and coaching programs for women who are ready to step into their power!