Root To Sky Sigil

At our recent workshop with author and witch Laura Tempest Zakroff, we explored the creation and use of sigils, following the release of her Gold 2019 COVR award winning book Sigil Witchery.

In this shared magical work, we explored the use of sigils for personal practice and social change, and expanded the community of witches and magically operant folks here in the Albany area! A powerful group of men and women attended and contributed to the Root To Sky Sigil for long term change, which includes the following intentions:

-Magnify/Increase Compassion
-Security/Peace of Mind for the People
-Support for the Environment – especially in emphasizing leadership that fosters care and awareness for it
-Protection from Fear (but also to be aware of what’s happening – no fools)
-Engage/Sustain Community Motivation
-Effective & Timely Justice

You can read more about this sigil, how to use it, and what to use it for in Laura’s blog post. You can also purchase one of the last signed copies of her book online here ,or in person at the shop. We loved having her here and hope to offer more workshops with her in the near future, so be sure to get on our mailing list for details!

Many thanks to Laura Tempest Zakroff and Liz Murray of the Red Tent Movement of Albany/Schenectady for helping to make this happen!