Keeping a spiritual or magical journal

This past week, the topic of the magical journal and how to use it came up in a few tarot readings and conversations around the shop. I’ll took that as a sign that it was a good time to do a video!

The magical or spiritual journal is a bit different from a diary. It’s focus is on matters spiritual vs. material, and it serves as a record of practice, a database of results and observations. In the Western esoteric tradition, we talk about “the aim of religion and the method of science.” This type of journal creates a sort of data set, making a more scientific approach possible. This record of the spiritual journey enables to rely on more than our elusive memories and abstract sensibilities to see our progress, and what has and has not worked for us.

I’ve been keeping a journal like this for many years, and I find that I do a lot of my best thinking while writing in it. Perhaps it’s time to start yours? In this video I talk about the components of my own, recommended tools and resources, and I dip into how to approach synchronicities as they arise. If you are beginning a journal like this you can determine your own segments. Below is my short list of recommended topics to include:

  • date
  • moon phase
  • astrological influences (“astro weather”)
  • weather
  • health
  • mood
  • meditation practices with times, results
  • devotional practice with times, results
  • ritual work with times, details, results
  • dreams
  • synchronicities
  • thought themes, spiritual questions, curiosities
  • spiritually themed literature you’re reading
  • visions, psychic or intuitive impressions
  • divination results (I like to include photos of any readings I do for myself, and sometimes, interpretations)
  • projections, strong emotional responses and shadow influences
  • yoga
  • energy work

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not all of these need to be included! Pick a handful to try and you can always add topics as you feel the need.

My recommended app for journaling is Evernote. You can get a free version that will sync your desktop to your phone. Helpful for task and wish lists too!

An example of a magical journal can be found in the book Jane Wolfe: The Cefalu Diaries 1920-1923, which is in stock in the shop and can be purchased online.