• Video Blog: There are many paths up the mountain

    This week I recorded a video blog about the opportunity we are missing when we criticize or poke fun at the religious or spiritual practices of others. This is something that's touched me personally, and it's also something I've caught myself doing! So what are we really saying about ourselves when we do this, and how can we use our questions and difference to our advantage?

  • Root To Sky Sigil

    At our recent workshop with author and witch Laura Tempest Zakroff, we explored the creation and use of sigils, following the release of her Gold 2019 COVR award winning book Sigil Witchery. In this shared magical work, we explored the use of sigils for personal practice and social change, and expanded the community of witches and magically operant folks here in the Albany area! A powerful group of men and women attended and contributed to the Root To Sky Sigil for long term change, which includes the following intentions:

  • Coming out as a metaphysical shop owner (video blog)

    I've been a little bit more in the public eye lately, as a business owner. When I meet new people they often don't put two and two together about my business, which is a wellness and magical lifestyle shop and healing arts space. It's often after checking out the website that they come back to me and say, "Are you really into that stuff?" And then I have to answer them...

  • Unboxing video featuring Laura Tempest Zakroff’s books

    On Tuesday, September 24th we’re hosting author, witch, dancer and artist Laura Tempest Zakroff for an evening of magic and community! Laura is stopping at Star + Splendor to teach her workshop “Sigil Witchery.” We’ll be learning about the history of symbols in magic and constructing our own sigils to use as part of our spiritual practice and personal empowerment. This is such a rare opportunity, and I hope you’ll join us. There are just a few tickets left! The schedule for day will be like this: 5:30pm Shop opens for browsing 6:00pm Author art sale and book signing (free & open to the public) 7:00pm Sigil Witchery workshop (advanced…

  • Manifesting, intention & making the magickal link

    Sometimes I am asked for advice on how to work with an intention candle, a stone or a spell to manifest a desired outcome. I’ve noticed that most people have workable book knowledge or at least an intuitive understanding of which materials and practices they want to use for manifesting and intention work. Often, however, there’s a gap of understanding about how to establish the “magickal link.” The magickal link is how we make a connection between ourselves and our desired outcome. It is an essential component of manifestation work and magick. Magick defined is to cause change in accordance with one’s will. With this definition, it’s possible to view…

  • Special Hours Labor Day weekend

    A number of people have asked, and YES! We will be open Labor Day weekend. Hours on Saturday are a little different, though. We will be open reduced hours: 1pm-4pm. Please visit and browse or schedule a service!

  • Summer Open House this Saturday, Aug 17!

    I’m so excited for the upcoming Summer Open House on Saturday, Aug. 17. Join us 6-8pm for refreshments, an opportunity to meet and speak with all of the practitioners, and a chance to win two pretty awesome door prizes. It’s free to enter! I just love setting up a party and watching people mingle and enjoy themselves. I think you can expect to have a very enjoyable time, so please come. (The entire store will be 10% OFF!) During the event, many of the practitioners will be offering special rates on their services, so be sure to speak to them. There are some great discounts and free add-ons coming your…

  • Notes on spiritual and mental health

    I'm attempting to catalog some of my deeper thinking on topics that seem to come up in themes when I am speaking with visitors to the shop, conversing with the healing arts practitioners, or listening to friends share. Lately, I am witnessing a theme around mental and spiritual health.

  • Sound Bath for the New Moon in Leo

    Our first sound bath with Elise Manzo was an incredible treat. I am still vibrating from those heavenly sounds! This deeply relaxing and healing experience was brought to us by her beautiful bowls, which have been handcrafted over a period of six months and tuned to the planetary energies according to the Vedic tradition.

  • A Tabula Rasa

    Boleskine House, the former residence of famed and defamed occultist and ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley, has been set on fire in an act of vandalism.