• Women’s Equinox Circle

    Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox as a community of women with a circle led by Ami, owner of Star + Splendor. We’ll explore the correspondences of Virgo and the passage into the next season through meditation, ceremony and discussion.

  • Coming out as a metaphysical shop owner (video blog)

    I've been a little bit more in the public eye lately, as a business owner. When I meet new people they often don't put two and two together about my business, which is a wellness and magical lifestyle shop and healing arts space. It's often after checking out the website that they come back to me and say, "Are you really into that stuff?" And then I have to answer them...

  • Group Crit with Hudson River Exchange

    Group Crits are monthly gatherings bringing together makers + collectors hosted by Stella Yoon of Hudson River Exchange. Join us to discuss the things you're thinking about creatively or about your small business.

  • An Evening with Amara Muse- Devotion & Discussion

    Please join Samantha Jo and Lauren Strait for an evening of connection and community. This is an opportunity to get to know the women behind Amara Muse and explore what they will be offering through their upcoming 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Star + Splendor. Expect the mood of ceremony, guided meditation for alignment and activation, and inspired discussion including Q&A about what's to come with their nine month training which begins in September!

  • Community Healing Hours

    Spring and wellness go hand-in-hand! Come celebrate and recharge with a little self-care during April Community Hours. Cindy and Lisa, our certified practitioners, will return to provide 30 minute sessions of reiki and reflexology for $30. We are offering scheduled time slots this month as an option. Walk in sessions are also available!