Winter blues

Look at this sublime, natural perfection.

Hello friends,

I’ve been thinking a lot about how this time of year, just after the holidays and lasting through March, can be difficult for a lot of people. For those prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it can often set in once the threshold of the new year has been crossed. The sky remains grey, and there are fewer twinkling holiday lights. Our friends, our family and we have gone back to work. It’s often windy and bitterly cold, and we sit inside all day watching the weather through a closed window. We avoid going outside and dread pumping gas. 

It may feel like there’s not much to look forward to, with spring still so distant. What is there to do but wait it out indoors, maybe with a fireplace and a hot drink, a Lord of the Rings marathon and a puzzle? (Those are good suggestions, btw, if you can make them happen…)

One of the nice things about being a part time goat farmer is that I pretty much HAVE to go outside every day, twice a day, and more often if something goes amiss, like a fence blowing over or a water bucket overturned. I am prone to SAD myself, but I’ve noticed that since becoming a dairy goat farmer, it’s not quite as intense, and some years it skips over me entirely. I’ve made the connection that it’s the going outside part that’s working for me! Don’t get me wrong- it’s freaking COLD out there. But man do I feel alive out there getting it done!

Anne of Green Gables illustration by Hanuol

I was listening to a lecture by a doctor last week who was speaking about his regular meditation practice in front of a red lamp. He was talking about the data showing that people in cultures who wake up and see the sun rise (before dawn) and watch it set while standing outdoors are in better health than those who live in cultures where this does not happen regularly. He means those of us in places like the US, where we work indoors all day and often don’t see the direct sunlight at all, much less feel it on our skin, for days at a time. The sun assists in the regulation of our bodily rhythms, hormone levels and healthy cell generation. If we can be in touch with the sun and it’s cycle throughout the year, we may be better positioned to fight off the negative effects of environmental damage and a less than ideal diet.

If you’re willing, I’d love to challenge you to go outside, every day, for at least five minutes. A walk around the block, even while there’s weather happening, especially when there’s weather happening, can make one feel so alive! It’s often a total reset for me. Be safe, use your best judgment, wear proper footwear and clothing, of course. But see if you can find where the sun is hiding behind the clouds and turn your face toward it. Try to really feel it inside your body. Then say “hello.” 

You are a star.

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