A message of gratitude for you…

Happy New Year to all of my neighbors, friends, family and those of you I haven’t yet met!

THANK YOU for making the first month of STAR + SPLENDOR a success! I am truly grateful for the support and kindness of those who’ve visited and reached out so far. Every time you purchase an item from the shop, you are supporting the dream of a maker, and that creates an incredible reverberation of creativity and love that feeds into your own path and purpose. We need more of that in 2019!

I’m working on an ambitious schedule of events and workshops for the year and connecting with more inspiring makers and practitioners whose products and knowledge will be coming into the shop soon. I am just so excited about what this year will bring and I promise to share it all with you!

We’re also working very hard behind the scenes to get the web store launched and the event schedule up on the site, to make it easier for those at a distance to get the most beautiful and unique self-care, magical goods and items for sacred space that I can find. I’ll continue to do local craft markets with my label Skipping Goat Farm/Art & Alchemy. Being “out in the field” means meeting more extraordinary artisans, and that’s an essential part of STAR + SPLENDOR’s mission. I want to connect people with the things that resonate with them and bring them joy, and re-enchant the world!!!

My deepest gratitude for you, my friends. Thank you and have an amazing 2019!!

Owner & Formulator