Astrology & psychic reading Ellizabeth Rose – 30 minutes


Elizabeth Rose, astrologer and psychic, is offering natal chart readings with a special discounted rate for Star + Splendor customers only. All readings are done by phone and you will need to know your birthplace and time of birth for the most complete results. 

Once your reading is purchased, we will connect with you to schedule it for a time that is convenient for you.

About Elizabeth Rose: Elizabeth Rose is a highly regarded American occultist, psychic and astrologer residing in Sacramento. She began formal study of the occult in her twenties after moving to San Francisco in 1986. As a regular visitor to a local curiosity shop, she befriended a local Wiccan priestess who taught her astrology, magic and tarot. This led to her formal initiation into the Craft in 1988. Elizabeth continued her studies by joining the Clairvoyant training program at Psychic Horizons, graduating as a reverend in 1993. Majoring in Drama with an emphasis in World Religions, she studied the history of Greek and European theater as well as Women’s Studies. She graduated with a BA in Drama & Performance in 1997. Since then she has expanded her occult knowledge through deep studies of astrology, ceremonial magic, Irish folklore, Chinese astrology, herbal healing and Feng Shui.

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