• Tarot Study Group – Trump IX: The Hermit

    Join Ami for a bi-weekly, in-depth exploration of the Tarot. We will discuss and work with each of the Trumps first, and then move through the court cards and the pips. We will approach each card from an historic and hermetic perspective and allow the meaning and doctrine of each to blossom and guide us in our future readings. Each group session will have components of an spoken teaching, examination of the art, a meditation or “active imagination” session, and discussion.

  • Intro to Tarot Class with Ami

    Join Ami, owner and tarot reader at Star + Splendor  for a night of history and mystery as we begin our study of the art of Tarot! Using the traditional Tarot as our model, we will take a look at the origins of the Tarot, discuss how and why it works, and begin to study the meaning of the cards. Students will receive guides and materials and walk away with practical exercises and layouts to begin working with the their decks.

  • Root To Sky Sigil

    At our recent workshop with author and witch Laura Tempest Zakroff, we explored the creation and use of sigils, following the release of her Gold 2019 COVR award winning book Sigil Witchery. In this shared magical work, we explored the use of sigils for personal practice and social change, and expanded the community of witches and magically operant folks here in the Albany area! A powerful group of men and women attended and contributed to the Root To Sky Sigil for long term change, which includes the following intentions:

  • Sigil Witchery workshop & book signing with Laura Tempest Zakroff

    Laura Tempest Zakroff- author, artist, dancer and Witch- is coming to STAR + SPLENDOR for an evening workshop on Sigil Witchery and a book signing. Laura's book Sigil Witchery has recently won the Gold 2019 COVR Award for Best Book in the Witchcraft, Wicca, & Shamanism category, and her workshop will expand on some of the teachings in the book. Space is limited!

  • Unboxing video featuring Laura Tempest Zakroff’s books

    On Tuesday, September 24th we’re hosting author, witch, dancer and artist Laura Tempest Zakroff for an evening of magic and community! Laura is stopping at Star + Splendor to teach her workshop “Sigil Witchery.” We’ll be learning about the history of symbols in magic and constructing our own sigils to use as part of our spiritual practice and personal empowerment. This is such a rare opportunity, and I hope you’ll join us. There are just a few tickets left! The schedule for day will be like this: 5:30pm Shop opens for browsing 6:00pm Author art sale and book signing (free & open to the public) 7:00pm Sigil Witchery workshop (advanced…