Sound Bath for the New Moon in Leo

Our first sound bath with Elise Manzo was an incredible treat. I am still vibrating from those heavenly sounds! This deeply relaxing and healing experience was brought to us by her beautiful bowls, which have been handcrafted over a period of six months and tuned to the planetary energies according to the Vedic tradition.

Many reported sensing color, scent and vibration in localized areas of the body as Elise moved through the room with her bowls, positioning them directly over our bodies. She was able to tie some of the sensations we reported to opening in the chakras, and release of trauma.

I came to the event feeling tired, and I left feeling energized, but deeply relaxed, centered and grounded. We’re already in discussion about next dates, and would love to bring this to the meditation space a few times a month. Elise will also offer private sound healing sessions, which offer longer lasting and specialized healing, from our healing arts suites.

If you’d like to know more about future sound baths at STAR + SPLENDOR, you can subscribe to the mailing list, or watch our Facebook page. Elise’s events generally sell out quickly, so reserve early!

Interested in joining us for the next sound bath on August 28th? There’s more info here! Reservations are required and space is limited, so please be in touch.


    • Ami

      Hi Cassie! I don’t believe she sells them, but I will find out more for you. My understanding is that she acquired them through her instructors. They are hand-hammered and made in India, tuned to the planetary vibrations.