Brazilian Lemurian Channeling Quartz


A fantastic Lemurian quartz generator that is dancing with rainbows! Lemurian quartz is said to be encoded with teachings from Lemuria that have been left behind to better humanity. Teachings can include healing techniques, information about sacred sites, self-transformation, and how to be a better human and live life fully!

Additionally, this piece is a Channeling or Initiation quartz – having one face with 7 sides, and a 3 sided face opposite. An Initiation quartz allows one to connect more directly with the source of Divine knowledge and understanding. It can be worked with to uncover and understand one’s life path, lessons and purpose. This is a stone of learning and meditating with it will bring guidance.

The seven sided face represents the spiritual seeker who is willing to set aside their ego to pursue true spiritual knowledge. The three sided face directs that spiritual knowledge to the seeker and to the Earth plane so that it can be utilized and directed in one’s lifetime. A Channeling or Initiation crystal powerfully activates inner sight and the third eye, opening one to visions and connecting to Source. It can aid the meditator to meet guides and teachers, or to find the teachings that will most benefit one’s path.

898 grams, 7 X 3 X 2 inches

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Additional information

Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


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