• Women’s Circle

    Join us for our monthly women's circle. This is a growing community exploring ceremony, meditation and new ideas together. Each month, this is offered on the third Wednesday and will explore topics relevant to the season, women's spirituality and techniques to apply to our personal practice and daily life. Seekers are welcome! All those identifying as women are welcome to join.

  • Meditation & Reiki Healing Circle

    Join us for an evening of healing, meditation and relaxation facilitated by Reiki Master, Amy Hedges. Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners alike are welcome and encouraged to come participate and receive Reiki. We will begin with a guided meditation, a group reiki session, refreshments and time to ask questions and share. No experience required, you will be completely guided.

  • Sound Bath for the New Moon in Leo

    The energy of this new moon brings with it strength and confidence in self. Leo brings warmth, vitality and creativity. This is a time to claim who you are and do what you have passion for. Healing with sound can improve many ailments such as depression, anxiety, addiction, pain, and moodiness. The immediate benefit of sound healing is the elevated mood it gives you.

  • Working with Intention Candles

    Learn how to work with intention candles to effectively focus your intent and manifest what is most meaningful and important to you. You'll come away from this workshop knowing how to craft effective intention statements, choose the right candle, and create a clear and sacred space to do this work.

  • An Evening with Amara Muse- Devotion & Discussion

    Please join Samantha Jo and Lauren Strait for an evening of connection and community. This is an opportunity to get to know the women behind Amara Muse and explore what they will be offering through their upcoming 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Star + Splendor. Expect the mood of ceremony, guided meditation for alignment and activation, and inspired discussion including Q&A about what's to come with their nine month training which begins in September!