The beauty of beeswax candles, and why ours are so magical…

Art & Alchemy house-made beeswax intention candles

It’s less than a week to STAR + SPLENDOR’s Working with Intention Candles Workshop, and I am very excited! Excited mainly because I get to teach this one, and I love sharing what I know in ways that can help people! Also, excited because I find candles such a simple and helpful aid in focus, meditation and magical work. It’s a bonus that they are beautiful and create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.

The Art & Alchemy line of intention candles that I carry in the shop are fast becoming the most popular item (y’all love the pink “Beauty” candle with rose gold mica!) These natural, unscented candles are made with pure beeswax and vegetable dyes, so they are the cleanest candles you can burn in your household. Beeswax has the added benefit of attracting pollen and air pollutants and literally cleaning the air! They glow warmly from within, in a way that you just don’t find with a soy or paraffin wax candle. Bonus: they smell faintly of honey.

There is nothing more lovely than a mantel or meditation altar with a candle burning softly on it. I think there’s an analogy to be made between the light within and the light without… I like to think that when we light an intention candle, that flame is an outer manifestation of our own light.

Each of our Art & Alchemy intention candles has a list of attributions on their label, and a group of key words to help you choose the right candle for the intention your are working on. You’ll find correspondences for the chakras, crystals, incenses and perfumes, magical tools, and a selection of deities. These correspondences are by no means exhaustive! Feel free to visit the shop and ask Ami, or browse one of the shop texts for more ideas.

Our candles are made in ceremony, on the corresponding planetary days, so they are imbued with a level of harmony and intent by the time they go home with you. You can add to this with your intention, focus and any tools you find meaningful.

The full line arranged as the Tree of Life

Art & Alchemy pillars burn for approximately 30 hours. Because they are made with natural wax and natural colorants, each candle will be unique and some may have minor irregularities to the surface. 100% beeswax candles develop “bloom,” a light, powdery coating on the outside that is the result of the exchange of moisture between the candle and the air. This is perfectly normal and does not effect the way the candle burns. It is not mold, but the lighter particles of wax resting on the surface of the candle. Most people think this adds to the candle’s charm, but if it bothers you, you can rub it gently with a soft cloth or nylon stocking to remove it.

Here are some other tips for burning our candles:

Our pillar candles stand on their own. Burn your candle on a candle plate or other non-flammable surface to prevent heat damage to your furniture. We advise that you do not use a hurricane or glass jar with your candle, as beeswax burns hotter than most waxes and it may crack the glass. Never leave your candle unattended.

Keep the wick of the candle trimmed to 1/4″ to help it burn evenly. Trim immediately after blowing your candle out, as cool wicks may crumble and break off.

It is recommended that you burn your candle for 2-3 hours at a time (1 hour per inch of diameter) to help it melt most evenly. If your candle begins to tunnel (edges grow very tall) gently “hug” the edges at the top of candle while it’s burning and they will melt a little faster. Some people enjoy the look of the wax melting around the edge and prefer to leave it.

If your wick will not stay lit, it is possible that it has gotten too short and the pool of wax that has melted is extinguishing it. Gently pour a small of wax off, allow to harden and re-light. Remember never to pour and wash wax down your sink, as it will clog the drain. Beeswax is very hard when it cools.

If you’d like to know more about how to work with intention candles, how to create good intention statements, work with the planetary hours to support your intent, and generally manifest the heck out of all good things, come to the class next Friday! You’ll learn everything you need to know to prep and set the stage, tips on how to focus your intent, and how to take your practice to the next level. Beginners are welcome, but I’ll bet there’s something for even a more experienced practitioner. I’m not gonna lie- I’m going to teach you MAGIC.

Who doesn’t want more magic in their life?