Living in Splendor

What makes you feel truly abundant?

I’ve been turning my focus to ideas of abundance lately. One might say I have an abundance of ideas about abundance! I find that a lot of writing and thinking on the topic is focused on mindsets about financial gain and money in general, and it’s geared toward women. I’m interested in those things, but not as interested I am in having a life that feels really good. I can think of times when I’ve felt financially taken care of, but my soul was still aching, or I felt an anxious lack of clarity that resulted in the squandering of my resources. Now, to me, living well seems to be about having an abundance of wellbeing.

When I turn my attention to what I feel I have “enough” of, I can see that that I am rich in things that matter to me, such as laughter, synchronicity, creative ideas, a loving marriage and family life, connectedness with community, freedom to explore my inner landscape through meditation, spiritual practice and psychotherapy… and magic! These things have become constants in my life in such a way that, if I am mindful, they cannot be taken from me. They could also easily become the backdrop of my life, where I might forget to feel gratitude or not give them the proper reverence. I prevent that by acknowledging them and treating them as fundamental to my wellbeing.

I cultivate and protect my sense of abundance with my mindsets. It’s quite cliché, but I do hold the belief that everything is exactly as it should be. It’s my birthright to feel joy, freedom and a sense of purpose, regardless of what life throws at me. Trusting in the process doesn’t mean I am absolved from responsibility. It means that I understand I have the power and good sense to know when and what I need to change. When I look around me, I can see that the way of the Universe is change, so change and adjustment in my life is an expression of the Universe. I think that’s cool.

Another big one: I expect magic. When I turn my attention towards the perfection of nature and acknowledge its mysterious and innate balance, I am able to see little and big synchronicities around me. Like a string of pearls, a tiny one touches a slightly bigger one, which touches a little bigger one, and so on. My sense of abundance grows as I take note of this. I find that when people talk about magic, they often expect and want to see dramatic effects in their lives, for some outcome to turn on its heel and bend to their will. To me, the magic is in little and big resonances that may make sense to me only. The sum of all of these resonances equals big magic. Great magic is not necessarily visible or even something to be spoken about publicly. To acknowledge this kind of magic, which is my own, individual soul’s language, I can simply say, “I am well. Things are really good!”

Where is abundance expressed in your life? What richness do you hold in your life and how do you care for it? Leave a note in the comments or send me an email and let’s keep acknowledging it!