• Notes on spiritual and mental health

    I'm attempting to catalog some of my deeper thinking on topics that seem to come up in themes when I am speaking with visitors to the shop, conversing with the healing arts practitioners, or listening to friends share. Lately, I am witnessing a theme around mental and spiritual health.

  • The Language of the Tarot and What It Offers Us

    A few weeks ago, when I told everyone that I was going to begin reading Tarot out of the shop I promised a post about my approach to Tarot. Since then, I have been so busy actually reading Tarot that I haven’t gotten around to writing about it! A funny thing happened during this same period of time – my literal sight changed. I abruptly had to adjust to the fact that my reading glasses had become no longer a choice, but a necessity. After a few days of headaches I broke down and bought a stronger pair. Now you’ll see me walking around with them on my head. I…