• Video Blog: There are many paths up the mountain

    This week I recorded a video blog about the opportunity we are missing when we criticize or poke fun at the religious or spiritual practices of others. This is something that's touched me personally, and it's also something I've caught myself doing! So what are we really saying about ourselves when we do this, and how can we use our questions and difference to our advantage?

  • Remembering to stay soft…

    When people are born, they are soft and gentle. When they die they are stiff and callous. When myriad things, grasses, and trees, are born, they are soft and tender. When they die, they are withered. So stiffness and callousness are the company of death. Softness and Suppleness are the company of Life. The powerful army will not win. A stiff tree will break. So stiffness and power stay below. Softness and suppleness stay above. ~ Tao te Ching 道德經