• Cosmic Events 2020 – SOLD OUT

    At this event, we will be discussing what to expect energetically in the second half of 2020, the karma we are releasing for the birthing of a new world, and how it may be affecting you on an individual basis. You will all go home with your natal chart!

  • Saturn influences & shadow work

    Been feeling a little restricted and heavy? It might be a good time to check out what is going on with Saturn in your chart. I spoke with sound healer and evolutionary astrologer Elise Manzo and discovered that Saturn is making a big transit in mine. During her Soul Path readings, Elise looks into the patterns in your chart and offers insight and remediation, as well as guidance for your path and purpose. If you are interested in scheduling a reading with her, get in touch! In this video blog I talk about the value of shadow work, why we do it, and why it’s sometimes good to lean into…