• Aleister Crowley Demystified: Light in the Darkness, a lecture with Dr. David Shoemaker

    Aleister Crowley Demystified: Light in the Darkness 6pm on Saturday, May 30 7pm Book signing & social hour In this informative lecture, Dr. Shoemaker will explore the root principles of Thelema, the mystical and magical system of Aleister Crowley. While sometimes appearing dark to the casual observer, Thelema will be revealed as a life-affirming path of freedom, power, wisdom and light, in harmony with other systems of personal and spiritual growth. Special reference will be made to the work of Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich–two 20th century psychiatrists whose work parallels that of Crowley in many ways.

  • Manifesting, intention & making the magickal link

    Sometimes I am asked for advice on how to work with an intention candle, a stone or a spell to manifest a desired outcome. I’ve noticed that most people have workable book knowledge or at least an intuitive understanding of which materials and practices they want to use for manifesting and intention work. Often, however, there’s a gap of understanding about how to establish the “magickal link.” The magickal link is how we make a connection between ourselves and our desired outcome. It is an essential component of manifestation work and magick. Magick defined is to cause change in accordance with one’s will. With this definition, it’s possible to view…