Welcome, Amy Hedges, Integrative Wellness & Nutrition

I’m very excited to welcome Amy Hedges to the growing list of practitioners at STAR + SPLENDOR! Amy offers one on one nutrition counseling, support, education and group workshops to address any health and nutritional goal. Amy’s aim is to help her clients lead healthy lifestyles by getting to the root of their health challenges. The sessions she offers will be focused on forming sustainable practices and developing a positive relationship with real food. She offers an integrative approach to overall wellness; mind, body and soul. 

Amy holds a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition, Masters in Health Education and is currently enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She specialized in weight management and creating long term sustainable health and eating practices. She believes that eating real, whole foods and developing a positive relationship with food is important for long term success. 

Additionally, Amy is a Reiki Master offering Reiki Sessions and Reiki training/certifications. Reiki is an intelligent, universal, healing energy channeled into the recipients body via that practitioner. Reiki is used for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, to improve sleep, to release blocked emotions, to balance energies within the body and to help heal from physical injuries and illnesses. 

She’s got some great ideas for additional programming that she would like to do at STAR + SPLENDOR, and it all sounds inspiring, so stay tuned!

To schedule a session with Amy, you can connect with her through her beautiful site. Welcome again, Amy!