• Victorian Seance with medium Dr. Susan Barnes

    Join Dr. Susan Barnes, Lilydale medium, for an evening filled with Victorian delights.  Learn Victorian fan etiquette and get a message from your tea cup.  Take part in a séance reenactment from the 1860s. See demonstrations of Victorian mediumship and take home a gift. Everyone will receive a message from Spirit.  Experience an evening that will transport you back into time. Victorian dress is optional, but fun!

  • Introduction to Spirit Art

    Discover and explore new ways to serve as a mediumistic link to the realms of Spirit through the creation of art. The course will include short lectures and activities. Participants will learn about and experience different styles of spirit art, including automatic drawing, auragraphs, and spirit portraits. Students will both create the images and interpret them for the sitter. Interpreting color and symbols is essential because images are both symbolic and abstract. Art can communicate many spiritual messages. Both mediumistic and psychic skills are utilized depending on the art. The course will explain the different levels of mediumship skills that accompany different styles of art. Art supplies will be provided,…