The Selkie’s Pelt with Danielle Dulsky (October 1)


The Selkie’s Pelt: Shapeshifting, Initiation, and Word-Witchery for Dreamers, Witches, and Wildlings

October 1st, 5pm-7pm

Initiatory stories open all roads, awakening us to the next possibilities in our lives and allowing us to behold the beauty of our own personal myths. These are the tales that orient us toward the inner wise one, the one with whom we commune in our spells, our art, and our magick. In this two-hour event at Star + Splendor, five-times published author Danielle Dulsky will share the timeless story of The Selkie’s Pelt, inviting participants to engage with the story through writing, reflection, and word-witchery. She will discuss the keys of “mythic witchcraft,” allowing stories to be energetic containers of meaning that can become both teacher and resource in our witchcraft. Participants should bring a journal and writing utensil.

Danielle will be here from 3pm-5pm to sign books. The Selkie’s Pelt event begins at 5pm.

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