Tarot Study Group: The Sun – July 17


Wednesday, July 17, 7-8:30pm

The Tarot has been embraced as a popular form of divination, but it is also a key to universal wisdom. Our bi-weekly group, facilitated by Ami Lahoff, owner of Star + Splendor, meets to explore and discuss the deeper meaning of the cards, including their astrological, Qabalah, elemental and archetypal correspondences, to unlock their power as tools for transformation and healing.

In each meeting we will discuss one of the major arcana cards in order. Explore the art, symbolism, and meaning of the card with us, and learn how you can apply it to your readings. Each week will include meditation and visualization, a spoken teaching, and exchange of ideas. You’ll receive a copy of the notes each time to keep for yourself. Please bring a traditional based Tarot deck to work with.

This group is perfect for all levels of readers, from beginner to advanced. We welcome your thoughts and questions throughout. Feel free to attend only the ones that interest you, or all of them!

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