Tarot Study Group – March 29


Join Ami for a bi-weekly, in-depth exploration of the Tarot. On March 29 at 7pm we will be exploring the minor arcana Court of of Swords (King, Queen, Knight/Prince, Princess/Page.) Each biweekly meeting we discuss 3-4 of the minor arcana cards in order. These session will have components of a spoken teaching, examination of the art, a meditation or “active imagination” session, and discussion of how we can apply the cards’ meaning to our readings and our lives.

This is a great group for both those who have been reading Tarot for a while and want to deepen their practice, and those who are new to Tarot and want to start from a strong foundation. This is an equally wonderful group for those interested in the archetypes, hermeticism, Kabbalah and the Western Esoteric Tradition, as the Tarot will be explored as a key to this wisdom.

Space is limited, so advanced registration is encouraged. Please bring your deck. Come to the ones you are interested in, or all of them!

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