Tarot Study Group – 4, 5 & 6 of Wands (September 28)


Join Ami for a bi-weekly, in-depth exploration of the Tarot. On September 28 at 7pm we will begin exploring the minor arcana with the Ace, Two and Three of Wands. Each biweekly meeting we will discuss 3-4 of the minor arcana cards in order, followed by the court cards. Each session will have components of a spoken teaching, examination of the art, a meditation or “active imagination” session, and discussion of how we can apply the cards’ meaning to our readings and our lives.

This is a great group for both those who have been reading Tarot for a while and want to deepen their practice, and those who are new to Tarot and want to start from a strong foundation. This is an equally wonderful group for those interested in the archetypes, hermeticism and the Western Esoteric Tradition, as the Tarot will be explored as a key to this wisdom.

Space is limited, so advanced registration is encouraged. Come to the ones you are interested in, or all of them!


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About Ami: As a student of the hermetic arts for over 25 years, Ami has a deep background in the Western Esoteric Tradition. Her study and practice includes, yoga and the Tantric tradition, Kabbalah, alchemy, Tarot and ceremonial magick. She is well-versed in many traditions, however, and holds the belief that ones spiritual practice can be an important part of their self care. She enjoys finding common ground with others and cheering them on along their own individual paths to truth and beauty.


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