Summer Solstice Tarot Special – thru June 30


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As the summer solstice approaches and sun reaches it’s apex in the sky, let’s look at what it’s lighting up in your life! A Tarot reading can help affirm, clarify and set you confidently on your path.

This special gives you 15 minutes of extra time to dive deeply into whatever issues you might like. An overview will be given that looks ahead 6 months. You must purchase prior to June 30, but you have until July 15 to redeem your reading. Once purchased, Ami will reach out to schedule. Readings can be given in person at STAR + SPLENDOR or via Zoom.

About the reader: As a student of the hermetic arts for over 25 years, Ami has a deep background in the Western Esoteric Tradition. Her study and practice includes, yoga and the Tantric tradition, Kabbalah, alchemy, Tarot and ceremonial magick. She is well-versed in many traditions, however, and holds the belief that ones spiritual practice can be an important part of their self care. She enjoys finding common ground with others and cheering them on along their own individual paths to truth and beauty. In September of 2019, Ami received certification as a professional life coach through ICF. She now offers Tarot readings to the public and coaching programs for women who are ready to step into their power!


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