Russian Phenacite for spiritual evolution


Russian Phenacite is our new favorite for getting in right relation with the Universe and spiritual expansion. These large, premium pieces are an excellent size for meditation, healing work and bringing BIG energy!

Russian Phenacite is the highest vibrational stone on the planet. We feel it’s even better to work with than moldavite, and as such, it offers a smoother path than moldavite, because it connects to the highest good for each individual. This is a more affordable option to awaken inner knowing and expansion. It’s my crystal specialists’ advice to work with phenacite to open oneself up more fully to working with other stones. It helps you feel and receive their vibration better and opens the third eye.

It also assists with interdimensional travel and awakening the light body. Phenacite magnifies the vibration of other stones you are working with “like rocket fuel!” These small but mighty crystals are versatile and powerful! These larger specimens are in matrix with muscovite, as they are naturally occurring.

Size: 36 grams, 1.75 X 1.5 X .75 inch

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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