Psychic Self-care for Empaths & Intuitives – May 12 ONLINE

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Join Ami, psychic, empath, and owner of Star + Splendor for an evening of psychic health strategies for empaths, intuitives and magical practitioners on Wed. 5/21 at 7:00pm.

If you’ve been feeling low on energy when venturing out into the world, spending time with loved ones, scrolling or chatting online/on the phone lately, you are not alone. We’re facing an intense time of transition and difficulty right now, and sensitive people are prone to picking up on and feeling depleted by the latent psychic energy surrounding us. With a little awareness, technical knowledge, and practice, it’s possible to reclaim your peace and vitality. In this online class we will discuss:

  • differences between empaths, intuitives and sensitive people
  • signs of psychic and energetic attack
  • how to build a good energetic foundation, then maintain and replenish it
  • common depleting scenarios and what to do about them in the moment
  • warding and cleansing personal space
  • care and fortification of the subtle, physical and emotional bodies
  • and more…

All attendees will receive access to a recorded copy of the class for two weeks following.

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1 review for Psychic Self-care for Empaths & Intuitives – May 12 ONLINE

  1. Lucky

    🖤 so needed. Thank you for offering this

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