Pink Brazilian Lemurian


These pink Lemurian crystals are the original mine, and we feel they have a different vibration than the more recent specimens on the market. For those who love the Lemurian lore and working with these crystals, we feel this have an especially loving and compassionate vibration to them. Work with these crystals in meditation and self healing work, and they will assist you to open the heart chakra and heal the emotional body. A delicious enlivening of the body and appreciation for all sensual pleasure often results! Lemurian quartz can connect you with the feminine archetypal energy of the Goddess to feel a sense of harmony and union with all.


About this piece: This one has a baby twin and its main point it doubled! There are several keys and inclusions of smaller crystals growing inside it. There are many points of fascination with this particular quartz and it is exceptionally high in vibration.


Size: 22 grams, 2.75 X .75 X .75 inches

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in


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