Crystal Empowerment with Paul David Jensen


Crystal Empowerment – An introduction to working with crystals.

Thursday, June 20, 7:00-9:00pm

Did you know our bodies and crystals are connected? It is so obvious that it’s often overlooked – both crystals and our bodies come from Mother Earth. Did you know our blood and bones are crystalline in nature? Did you know both our bodies and crystals radiate electromagnetic energy?

The way each of us relates to crystals is completely unique. There are trends of how each type of crystal supports us. That said, everyone I have ever worked with has a completely different relationship with them. In this class you will create your own personal space to explore your unique relationship with crystals.

What do your 5-senses share? How do you notice your energy? Does your heart beat change? Can you feel your feet?

We will explore these and more relationship building practices.

More, less, strong, gentle…My feet are moving. My body feels light.

This class embodies how we relate to our energy as we connect with crystals. It also embodies how to begin supporting our energy with them.

Please bring one crystal, about the size of your fist, pillow(s), yoga/exercise mat or blanket, journal and pen.

Those enrolled in the class will receive 10% OFF the crystal of their choosing for this event. Once enrolled, stop by to see the selection.

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Instructor: Paul David Jensen, MS, LMT, CNMT, Master Coach
Paul is the owner of Paul David Healing Arts. He over 30-years experience having worked with thousands of athletes and clients. Energy Healing using crystals is one of his most powerful offerings.


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