Candle Magic – March 25


Join Ami on Saturday, March 25 at 5pm to learn how to work with candles as a magical practice. Together, we will craft powerful intention statements, and work with light to focus intent and create inner and outer changes in our lives. We will explore the ways you can build this practice into a daily ritual or meditation to empower and inspire you. Yes, this is real magic! In addition to learning the technique we will cover basics of candle dressing with herbs and oils, and how to work with the planets to empower your work.

$40 Class fee includes a 6 inch beeswax intention candle of your choosing from our in-house made line and study materials. Class space is very limited.

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About the instructor: As a student of the hermetic arts for over 25 years, Ami has a deep background in the Western Esoteric Tradition. Her study and practice includes, yoga and the Tantric tradition, Kabbalah, alchemy, Tarot and ceremonial magick. She is well-versed in many traditions, however, and holds the belief that ones spiritual practice is an important part of their self care. She enjoys finding common ground with others and cheering them on along their own individual paths to truth and beauty.


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